Saturday, June 7, 2008

While it is fresh

Conference recollections:

Firstly, it is again the hottest day on record in NJ, and I could not sleep a wink last night.

The day started with intros from the panel.

But my biggest bit of news is that I was matched with an agent rather than the editor I asked for which turned out to be just fine. They win awards...lots of awards.

The session from Holt on how the editor and art director work together was so well done. What they really brought out tho, was how MARKETING intervenes.

My critique with the CD was JUST what I expected. He LOVED my biography art and dummy. Then he asked who I was having my ms critique with and I told him the agent.

Then he told me my art for Gaudi was too late. They are already doing a pb/bio on him. Grrrr.

Then I met with the agent. She was SOOOO nice and loved my folio. She assesed it and told what pieces were my strengths. She told me that it is European (and she said you won't know what that means...but I think I do). She said your work is not HC but more like Roaring Brook (but they are agented....and I'm not...yet...) She said your work is special and that is why it is hard to place you right away...but it should lead to developing you as a unique voice. And that is just what I want ...I just am getting impatient as I see so many generic illustrators get job after job. Oh, and she gave me great and constructive critique on my gargoyle. I really like her. She was genuine and her face lit up when she saw my art (you can't fake that).

She wants to see my biography and asked how my crit went with the CD.

But another wonderful thing is I had lunch across from Ted at FB. This young engaging Ted. He is so funny and cool and told me all these tidbits about the books he'd acquired and why. I must say I like those kind of books but I don't write them unless they are for fiveish. I asked him how to query FB with what I do, and he did... so I will. He said to choose your fave Pb and mention others. I just wish I knew what that was.

What I do know is if I get agented, not all of what I have done or will do will get represented...unless I am extremely lucky.

And I see revisions of sugerplums dancing for the agents.

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