Friday, November 19, 2010

Aw... what the heck.

Here I am in my studio. Notice the cracked walls, the sloped roof line
(gotta watch my head like Alice)
and the genuine amount of 'stuff' I use. And this is only one side of the studio.
But it is my haven and my own workspace, and I use every bit of it. Barb

Character Studies to Final

Here are some character studies I did for the main character in the assignment I did for last Sunday's Illustrator Day.

And here is the final I did for the AD. He wants a few more additions which I hope to do during the Holiday Week.

This was a great assignment and I loved doing it.


I actually am conceiving of another story with him as the MC. Not Halloween though. And it is not really about a cowboy so much as it is what he wants to happen.

Update: Two thirds with first draft two weeks later. This one is coming together quickly because I figured what I wanted to say before I wrote it, came up with a universal "theme"
and got my characters fleshed out before I began. Then I thought of a few things as obstacles for the middle section. And I checked the market for similar stories. I think it is kinda sweet, heartfelt, beautiful and funny.

I hope to finish it soon and start dummying the vacation week after Christmas.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Another great illustrator day

It was indeed. Laurent's assignment critique/sessions were fabulous. One thing he said really resonated with me and that was to try and make everything a character. Something I love to do as that is part of world building, and creates, humor, drama and tension. He is awesome. Go into the dark... push yourself. I feel I do this well in my doll stories. But I can do even more with them.

And my portfolio critique went well. Marijka told me what she loved and what she didn't. She also said it was purely subjective, and another person could feel the exact opposite. And she spotted a few things the fix.

Her main comments were to watch the gutter and leave more room for text... even in samples. And since much of my work is bleed, to leave about a 1/4 inch of non-essential matter. Doh!

Our coordinator gave a great presentation on color/character and composition much of what I know already but was happy to have reiterated, and also one on networking/promotional material. I need to do more postcards. And a brochure.

Then we all got to parade ourselves and our illustrations in front of editors and agents. La!

Now for the thank you follow-ups and samples to send. And maybe a dummy.

And the nursery rhyme dummy to complete. I may just send a few samples with text to ADs to see if it has potential... on the ADs advice. She seemed to think that would be best.

Great day. Every illustrator should do these. They are very rewarding. And exhausting.

Also, I hope to put the final up here soon. I have a few things to add to it first on the AD's suggestion. And then a copy of it goes back to Laurent.