Friday, November 19, 2010

Character Studies to Final

Here are some character studies I did for the main character in the assignment I did for last Sunday's Illustrator Day.

And here is the final I did for the AD. He wants a few more additions which I hope to do during the Holiday Week.

This was a great assignment and I loved doing it.


I actually am conceiving of another story with him as the MC. Not Halloween though. And it is not really about a cowboy so much as it is what he wants to happen.

Update: Two thirds with first draft two weeks later. This one is coming together quickly because I figured what I wanted to say before I wrote it, came up with a universal "theme"
and got my characters fleshed out before I began. Then I thought of a few things as obstacles for the middle section. And I checked the market for similar stories. I think it is kinda sweet, heartfelt, beautiful and funny.

I hope to finish it soon and start dummying the vacation week after Christmas.

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