Sunday, April 27, 2008

Layers are good

Tyger! Tyger! story might (I need help to start this picture book)

In blurried hopeful sight (and then I have to make a sample or two),

What immortal hand or eye (shit...and dummy as well??)

Could frame thy fearful artistry? (A dummy as well???????)

In what frequent dummies tried (Oh, no...)

Drained the focus of mine eyes (And my markers)?

On what spreads dare I aspire? (What, you mean FINALS?)

What mine hand dare sketch the line..ner? (Now forget it. A dummy, sketches. samples and no deal yet??)

Friday, April 25, 2008

525600 minutes...56 entries

My portfolio has 56 pieces in it. I realize that that is 41 too many. But each and everyone there is a reflection on me and my vision and ability. So I''ll be damned if I'll take anything out. The CD can be patient. I've been.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Geometry or Algebra...

For me it is geometry. I sucked at linear math. Spatial elements put me in my element.

Which brings me to logic. My favorite. My weakness is this:

I look at the logic problems I get from critiques and try to attack my mss with connecting elements throughout. This takes a real step back and much thought. But I can do it and have done it. It is like solving a puzzle. I love puzzles.

Why dummies work for some like me

I revisited three editor critiques on my alligator friendship story ( I seem to gravitate towards relationship stories with action and emotion). The writing initially frustrated me, but the dummy flowed fairly effortlessly if not for the rendoring. After a year plus, I took those criticisms and worded in my dummy. I swear, dummies help (if they also really help to tell the story). You rely less on being so clever in words. Yes, clever is good but let the imagery do its part.

And then go back to the words and fine tune.

This is fun once you bypass the the HARD part. The starting part.

Two of those critiques were more helpful than I imagined. And I let them sit for a year before I used them.

Time to start a dummy I need, and a new story, and samples ( my favorite).

Friday, April 18, 2008

Where do I fit?

I've been reading Cheryl Klein's wonderful insights over and over again as she is going to present and critique in June. And I feel this HUGE pedestal right there in front of me. She is sharp as a tack and I would LOVE to have her critique me. I might. But...........

......I am not so sure that I am that literary a writer. My gut says somewhere between literary and commercial. God, I'd love to have her attact my gargoyle if I could just let go. I myself don't know where that ms should be. I'm almost done with the dummy but the ending is proving difficult. Shit, it is just a page or two more but I don't like it enough....yet.

I have had a devil of a time choosing an editor for critique. I'm not looking for a contract. But I am looking for a GOOD critique. Cheryl would be good, I know that. But would she be the right one knowing that I am not sure if this is literary or commercialy/genre...yyyy. What I need to decide is where I see it. It would help to have second opinion. This is what is so hard about working without any feedback or help. And I fear that I will never get anywhere. It makes me lose hope.

But I keep hope.............I can't wait to meet the Holt team. My folio is something I am so proud of. I must say it shines more now than ever. I've worked so hard on it. Fingers crossed. There is an editor at Holt looking for biographies of lesser known artistic people done in a stylistic manner. Fingers crossed upside down and twisted around. Keep hope at bay, Barb or you will be disappointed.

I would so like to meet with Philomel, too. I LOVE THEIR BOOKS.

This is a tough choice.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bad Editor Joke number 1

Where did Henry the Eighth find Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard after he found their sonnets, and what did he do about it?

It was off with their eds.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stick with chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate.

The Belgians are coming, the Belgians are coming.

With books.

Um. I don't see an understanding of the American market here...what exactly is supposed happen here? Do we get out guns and greet them on the beach and take them in and come to some kind of understanding. Vee arrrr niiiiisss peeeples and vee hav boooooks vor chlieldrrrren. Vanna buy?

What I can tell you is you have a heap of sheep ready to pounce (do sheep pounce...they do if they have manuscreeeepts ...baaa...baaaa....blaaaaaack sheeeeep havu enee vool ). Can American sheep read Dutch ( I mean Flemish)?

I'll tell you a real secret. The Belgians make the BEST chocolate in the world. And their restaurants rock. And if you like lace go visit Brugges (probably the most pictureseque town around). But publishing to Americans...I'll try to stay tatted (I mean tuned)

....not every business proposition is like great chocolate...fresh and distinctive and well marketed and well made (or appreciated for that matter...but that is not my concern).

I'll bet the Belgians do better with chocolate. And not Hershey's.