Friday, April 18, 2008

Where do I fit?

I've been reading Cheryl Klein's wonderful insights over and over again as she is going to present and critique in June. And I feel this HUGE pedestal right there in front of me. She is sharp as a tack and I would LOVE to have her critique me. I might. But...........

......I am not so sure that I am that literary a writer. My gut says somewhere between literary and commercial. God, I'd love to have her attact my gargoyle if I could just let go. I myself don't know where that ms should be. I'm almost done with the dummy but the ending is proving difficult. Shit, it is just a page or two more but I don't like it enough....yet.

I have had a devil of a time choosing an editor for critique. I'm not looking for a contract. But I am looking for a GOOD critique. Cheryl would be good, I know that. But would she be the right one knowing that I am not sure if this is literary or commercialy/genre...yyyy. What I need to decide is where I see it. It would help to have second opinion. This is what is so hard about working without any feedback or help. And I fear that I will never get anywhere. It makes me lose hope.

But I keep hope.............I can't wait to meet the Holt team. My folio is something I am so proud of. I must say it shines more now than ever. I've worked so hard on it. Fingers crossed. There is an editor at Holt looking for biographies of lesser known artistic people done in a stylistic manner. Fingers crossed upside down and twisted around. Keep hope at bay, Barb or you will be disappointed.

I would so like to meet with Philomel, too. I LOVE THEIR BOOKS.

This is a tough choice.

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