Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stick with chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate.

The Belgians are coming, the Belgians are coming.

With books.

Um. I don't see an understanding of the American market here...what exactly is supposed happen here? Do we get out guns and greet them on the beach and take them in and come to some kind of understanding. Vee arrrr niiiiisss peeeples and vee hav boooooks vor chlieldrrrren. Vanna buy?

What I can tell you is you have a heap of sheep ready to pounce (do sheep pounce...they do if they have manuscreeeepts ...baaa...baaaa....blaaaaaack sheeeeep havu enee vool ). Can American sheep read Dutch ( I mean Flemish)?

I'll tell you a real secret. The Belgians make the BEST chocolate in the world. And their restaurants rock. And if you like lace go visit Brugges (probably the most pictureseque town around). But publishing to Americans...I'll try to stay tatted (I mean tuned)

....not every business proposition is like great chocolate...fresh and distinctive and well marketed and well made (or appreciated for that matter...but that is not my concern).

I'll bet the Belgians do better with chocolate. And not Hershey's.

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