Monday, April 21, 2008

Why dummies work for some like me

I revisited three editor critiques on my alligator friendship story ( I seem to gravitate towards relationship stories with action and emotion). The writing initially frustrated me, but the dummy flowed fairly effortlessly if not for the rendoring. After a year plus, I took those criticisms and worded in my dummy. I swear, dummies help (if they also really help to tell the story). You rely less on being so clever in words. Yes, clever is good but let the imagery do its part.

And then go back to the words and fine tune.

This is fun once you bypass the the HARD part. The starting part.

Two of those critiques were more helpful than I imagined. And I let them sit for a year before I used them.

Time to start a dummy I need, and a new story, and samples ( my favorite).

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