Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You don't have to be one to know one.

I finished it. I am so pleased with it.

The funny thing is I don't have a speck of Spanish in me.

Did Aaron Copland have a speck of the West in him? 

No. He didn't. But he captured it in his music. Like no other.

And I think I captured the Spanish(ness) in my art. 

He wasn't a poser and neither am I.

Now back to the neglected dummy.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

200 percent about face

I look at my "stuff" from two to three years ago. I have done a 200 percent about face. I now compare myself with my favorites and I am ..................SMILE.

Sigh. Knowledge is power, talent is inate yet constantly refined, and the market is a constant lesson.

Cabbage control

Dear fellow illustrators,

Whatever you do -- make sure that what you draw (cut, fold, staple, mutilate... whatever) is what you love.

Me -- I love cabbages. So much that I have been cutting out cabbage colored paper because I love cabbages. The very shape of a cabbage sends me into a collaging frenzy. (They are actually very good for the diet). The real ones. I wouldn't encourage anyone to ingest paper.

P.S. It helps to have some Brubeck handy. Then you can bounce around your studio and clap your hands to Take Five. (Make sure you put down the exacto knife first.)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Creativity is solving problems

I am about half way done with this intricate Barrio collage having most of it built and now I apply the finishing touches of detail, light, contrast etc.. I looks great IMHO with young child appeal.
But with many projects come the little problems and how to solve them. Here it is color. When you work in color you must think carefully of your palette. If you apply too many colors you will kill your focus(es) and your overall look. After a great deal of thought I solved my little problem.

Also, with collage you must think about stages of application. Like those fire hydrant sprays will be the very last thing applied. 

The AD provided a wonderful critique of initial sketch because it was objective only. You get a passage of text and know what has to be there. But how do you do it with your space given?How do you make solutions to problems?

If this leads nowhere, it will be a great portfolio piece. And proof that I can figure out solutions and work with people who ask questions and provide guidance and encouragement. 

And this has bolstered my confidence and enthusiasm for illustration. I love this. I am good at this. And I have something of value to offer that holds up consistently.

I just need the opportunity. This would be a great house to work with, I know that!

And if Henry the Hotspur asks me to cut out his artwork for his playing card Halloween costume, I am going to have to say, "You can solve this yourself. YOU can do this yourself."

And you can. That is what creativity is.

Now if we can just get our financial system to figure that out.

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's good, it's good,it's good!

He liked my sketch and gave me very doable suggestions for improvement, and ideas to ponder. But he liked it and my style. I have three weeks. I might have my foot in their door for a real job, I hope!

And something I love to do. Three weeks for the final. Hopefully all this blood, sweat and tears is finding its home.

Bad week. Good sketch

Dear Dairy,

This has been an absolutely horrible week.

I got a form rejection which knocked out the wind out of my sails.

A friend of my daughter died of a brain hemorrhage after a second concussion from football blows to the head. I hate contact sports. This should not have happened. The entire school and town are in shock. I can only imagine how beat up the team, coach, doctor and family are. I am not much on religion but prayers are in order.

The good news is I finished and sent off my sketch to the AD for revision. I should get it back any day and proceed with the final. I just hope it arrives soon because I need two full weeks to make it the best it can be. And I need to get most if not all of the dummy done to show for advice. 

Next year will be a better year...I hope. Maybe I'll get a nibble. Keep the faith whatever faith that is.

And my friends on the Blue Board threw me a private surprise party too! I love them!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Drawing dangerously

the doll saver is turning into a mystery adventure picture book with each and every dummy sketch. Funny, sad, meaningful, deep, light and a heck of a lot of sketch. The is all in the necklace...perhaps............

and how to sell yourself to an agent...yeah...right...