Monday, August 18, 2008

The Official Beijing Olympics Fakebook

PMSubject: Beijing Olympics Fakebook The Official Beijing Olympics Fakebook (Thanks to Dave for the Compilation)

A Stranger in my Own Home Tong

A Whole Lhasa Shakin' Goin' On

Beijing the Beguine

Canton Races

Commie Irresponsible

Dimsum On the Ceiling

Ginseng in the Duck

Gong With the Wind

Great Wall's Afire!

Hello Dalai

I'm Getting Sent a Mai Tai Over You (Bronze Medal)

In The Coolie Coolie Coolie Of The Evening

If You Knew Suey Like I Know Suey

It Might As Well Beijing

It Was Szechuan of Those Things

Kimono My House

Mao Swell

Ming To Me

Mr. Sampan (Bring Me a Dream)

Oolong Has This Been Going On?

The Mao I See You

The Suey With the Fringe On Top (Silver Medal)

Tibet Is Yet To Come

Tickee To Ride

Wokking My Baby Back Home


Yangtze Doodle Dandy (Gold Medal)

You Gotta Acc-U-Punc-Tu-Ate the Positive

(The bolded ones are my faves and the winner is stated)

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