Thursday, February 26, 2009

Personality tests...are they for real?

My daughter made me take yet another personality test today and as usual I am designated a humanitarian....I just don't get it.

I really wanted to be the observer because that is how I see myself. I always felt that I was an observer. And I think too much and question too much and try to understand "why" too much.
Like why did you arrest this man for Jay Walking when he saved these peoples lives? (Cause he's breaking the law...yeah that is right...just sit back and let them die....I just don't get it.) He did something "wrong" and became a hero. This may be a theme that I want to streak thru my picture books. So far heroes seem to emerge for the most part.

And of course Charlotte is the surprise there...that is an understatement...and it was just me. Ever live with one of those? And she smiles when she tells me. Do you know what perfectionist means? It means it is not is you!"

And the career choice says that I should be a financial analyst. I work for one and she is so humanitarian. But alas it neither my calling nor my aptitude. And she will die when I leave her...which I will when I get what I want. Observer/humanitarian....pb children's writer/illustrator....yeah baby!

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