Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween memories

I love Halloween now, and I loved Halloween as a kid. And luckily the one year that I missed it as an expat was not a total loss... as we celebrated Fasching in Munich (kinda like the Februation of Mardi Gras in N'Orleans and Shrove Tuesday in Britain) but not really the same.

The concept of dress up and parading around the neighborhood in the dark on a candy mission is priceless. And scary things falling out of the sky. Tripping over terror. Getting nickels instead of Neccos.

So as tribute to this wonderful day I finished my third doll installment! And I am so very happy with it. And now I get to dummy it. Dummies for mummies.

And I've taken my memories good and bad, happy and sad, and wrote with that. Bittersweet, batty, heartfelt and funny.

Now we will see how it evolves once again.

Hopefully, I'll finish the dummy by Christmas. And then I'll get the inspiration to dummy that story too.

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