Saturday, November 28, 2009

Favorite pbs and what matters to me as writer/artist of picture books

because what matters matters.

And after being thankful and full of turkey, I want/need to find sustenance in something more than calories.

So I weigh out those meaningless calories... those being words, cliches and stereotypes, and think about great pbs I love...the latest being "The Curious Garden."

I savor this book because:

The mc child affects the plot therefore making a difference. The mc cares about the outcome, and causes and changes it. And it is not about him and his issues. It is about what he believes in. It is about what he cares about. Essentially, he is a hero.

And the illustrations are amazing. The illustrator cares beyond compare. It is his book and it shows.

The mc is a hero and the emphasis is really off of him.

The approach is fresh, not cliched and non-didactic.

There is a real story and growth of character and some conflict. It follows the sole creator's vision and passion and interpretation, and indeed his inspiration. The creator cares about what he writes and illustrates and it shows.

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