Monday, June 6, 2011

My Best Moments of the NJ SCBWI Conference 2011

... what I can remember after three days of sporadic sleep

Grace Lin's keynote... write and illustrate to say something important... know yourself and what you want to say that lasts... not to show off

Holly McGhee... cloak out the envy, doubt (negative) and laziness goonies when they hit and HONESTY and TRUTH

Patti Ann Harris and Martha Rago... it is all about confidence in your art (to me that comes with years of learning and showing your work around and having a talent and voice)

Meeting a few agents and editors and consultants and relaxing and having so much fun

Presenting a workshop all about what I do and love... and people asking questions about my craft... and me asking them questions about their craft

Taking a great poetry workshop and verifying that poetry is not meant to be understood... but really is concrete... every word counts... my favorite

not winning any contest because the basis for winning is.... does that get realized when it is just one piece not the finished product.... ?

And meeting some really talented illustrators

and of course a few faculty members asking for more from me

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