Friday, July 17, 2009

Departure inspires return

While I wait the long waits I have started a new project inspired by a piece of art that tickles me chartreuse. I've been staring at this piece forever trying to think of what text would suit it. And then it came to me (cliched but true). On vacation while jumping enormous waves and swallowing sea.

I am altering existing old literature that is "gasp" in rhyme. Modernizing.

But I am managing to keep a recurring theme (what am I trying to say), humor, visual necessity, and storytelling and emotion and action/reaction. Oh, and child friendly subject matter and text/art for that age group... and adults... (that is the hard part). I always ask myself if the reader will really appreciate it. Always. And is it interesting and dynamic and smart and clever and universal. I find this to be a problem in a lot of picture books.

Six verses down and ten to go.

This is challenging and unlike anything I've done before and a bit frustrating in a 'I can't put it down way'. (Like crosswords puzzles and my new discovery... code word puzzles. Yes, code word puzzles. Look for them, they are maddeningly great!! And addictive. They may not be new (I don't know) but they are to me...mwah hah...........)

But it is a fun project and if I can manage to come up with a few more art samples, I will finish it , have it critted and send it off. It is real thinking outside of the books :}

I was dry for a while but I am back with the writing bug.

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