Thursday, July 2, 2009

And out those good impressions comes

it wasn't even read. Not with the NJ Conference sticker on it nor the professional letter and submission. He didn't even look at it. No form, no personal, no cover letter taken he never read it. He never looked at it.

20 bucks down the drain...and no help from the conference "sticker."

There goes my theory.

This business can kill your soul. My kids tell me to quit...why do you do this to yourself, they ask.

But I persist. And I won't quit. After all how do others make I any worse than they are .

No. I am not.

But no more conferences in my future. I've been to too many.

Vacation awaits.

And new stories are begging for life and I just can't stop. I refuse to concede to failure.

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Colorado Writer said...

I know how you feel. I spent the money to attend in LA in Aug, NYC in Feb, and I submitted on good faith. And got no response after they asked to see FULLS.

It's killing me.