Saturday, June 27, 2009

Making a good first impression

I'm sending my first dummy package to Hyperion today and it may be my only submission unless/until I get an agent...because they won't except anything unagented due to legal reasons. But conference attendees get one month to submit.

So I've checked my Ps and Qs and dotted my Ts. I've scanned my art and dummy, and covered my cover letter. So even if they don't want it, I think they will be pleased with my professionalism and presentation (but maybe they'll want it???!!!!) and they will ask for more. Figners figners figners crossed.

AND let's not forget Knopf...they are getting it too. Let's hope they feel the same.

(And I have a new idea for my floating mice illustration....oh boy.)

Once in a lifetime you have to make a good first impression because it may be only once in a lifetime.

As my illustrator critiquer said, "You want them to remember you!"


Nora MacFarlane said...

Best wishes to you - fingers crossed!!

pudders said...

Aw, thank you.

This is one of those advantages of SCBWI conferences for the unagented. It has got me in another closed house, as well. Still waiting. :)

Best wishes to you too, Nora!