Sunday, June 7, 2009


PB editors are looking for more plot in their submissions. It seems that the market is concept heavy at the moment. They say that plotty books hold up to more readings.

Voice is everything. Authentic voice...especially in MG is hardest to find.

One Art Director's favorite is another's toss.

Editors are looking for more "experimental" formats/structures in PB but be careful not to sacrifice plot.

Most writers have an internal age group where they write from.

One agent said that novelists have a hard time writing pb, but pb authors seem to manage longer works.

Quiet book still sell but they need real hooks. Not everything has to scream.

One writer (who I know) asked,"In this economy what one thing are editors and agents not looking at." An agent answered something like...his vacation on a tropical island.

One writer asked,"If my agent doesn't want to represent something I wrote can I have another agent do it." The agents seemed to agree that if you were persistent about it and insisted that they were probably not the right agents for you. "We're trying to build a career with you and specific us." Something like that.

Witnessed a pb writer's school act/show/performance!! At first I thought...oh no...
But she was quite good and I can see how the little guys would eat it up and how more books would sell. Good job Klesmer Girl.

I also learned how nice editors can be. My critiquer was as sweet as they come. Honest, but not patronizing. Told me to sub my packages to the art department.

More later maybe.

(And when you are make typos.)

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Lily Cate said...

Ooh, good to know!
I have a dusty old pb that I was thinking of polishing up one last time. This might be what I was saving it for.