Saturday, June 6, 2009

Confearenza 2009: What I learned...and what i know

1) Good thing I didn't register for Friday. That intestinal bug knew which day to strike.
2) Good thing I didn't stay up too late listening to Bill's band at the party last night...because it doesn't matter how late I go to bed I still wake up with the birds

3) Okay...back to the conference
a) listened to the panel of eds and agents...I know what agent I want if I get a contract and I share their philosophy. I love her agency's philosophy thru and thru. I tried to find her but... there was like no time to pin someone down in the tightly mapped out schedule.  But I heard her out and LISTENED to her. 
b) I know why /DisneyHyperion is agented ONLY! It is not why you think!  Ha..Ha. Gonna send the AD a package ONE MONTH. I hate lawyers.
c) First pages... nice voice and language for me...some logic problems (duh...I know) but read on....
d) Nice critique with lovely Knopf editor who heard my first page. Showed her my art. If you are a writer/illustrator she suggested sending a dummy package to the art department. She said that this is a different situation from the pb author alone one because we/such people use both skill sets to tell the story and the eds often don't see that in the the text.
e) Had a folio critique with E.B. White. My goodness he did something completely different than what I am used to. And he told me what he thought was my strongest piece which is my favorite. More later...

I got lawst and am tres fatigue maintenant.

Bon soir...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bon nuit.

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