Monday, May 18, 2009

CSK and EA's post

I read this with interest.

I think of all the oppressed immigrants who settled in this great country of the United States of Irish, Scottish sp? :}(skittish... yeah), German (yeah), English (yeah), Dutch (yeah),  Scandinavian and Jewish, Italian ...........Catholic and Protestant and Jewish descent who have no constraining PB writer/ illustrator award just for them.

I embrace the melting of the cultures. All races, cultures, and religions have so much to offer which can make an artistic work such as a children's book unique, universal, timeless and great.... if well made

Time to take those badges away and think about content, quality and character. Those last three things are not necessarily applicable to the other qualities. 

Those last three qualities have no color, religion, race. They have heart, soul, honor, pride, respect, dignity and hope. And a story and writing that translates to the young and lasts in the young's minds.

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