Sunday, May 3, 2009

All white

Not really but just enough and very, very pleased.

I'm departing a bit from my full color mode and am entering a spare approach with my latest samples. All I am using is expression, movement, limited palette, playfulness, energy and shape to create the line and story. Very simple yet intricate. Young, funny, sweet and (I think) clever.

I am finishing my robot, robotic animals and little boy series and I LOVE IT. At first I thought who am I kidding... What do I know about robots? 

Well, they are a blast to manipulate... and they like the boy a lot even though he is in charge. And they follow him. Maybe they will get in trouble and he will guide them. Well, I am having so much fun...I might write this.

And it is all on white. Not much background. No distractions. Young. Right.

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