Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's my party. I'll cry if I want to.

1) Kids are in Florida after a harrowing airport experience (toughens them up... except they're crying)

2) Work is INSANE for the next few weeks (toughens me up... except I'm crying)

3) We picked a painter for the house (no crying...yeah!)

4) Got my ms out for conference critique (I hope the editor will not be crying)

5) Have till early June to do new samples for AD at conference (no crying, just smiling)

6) Must try to re-dummy that same script (on the verge of crying and smiling simultaneously)

7) Charlotte must pick her college by the end of the month (me crying, she... I don't know but IT IS HER DECISION so I can cry if I want to)

8) Three Birthdays including mine in ONE week (Crying, smiling whatever...pass me a Bloody Mary)

You would cry too if you had all this to do!

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