Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rewrite: Projects and Goals for 2010

1: Humorous, heartfelt heroine character book dummy (and rough drafts of three others) and samples - dummy, samples on submission

2: Funny and beautiful little gargoyle book dummy and samples -- my hope is to make this a truly gorgeously illustrated book

3: Edgy, funny, animal unlikely friendship dummy and samples -- my hope is to be able to raise the stakes

4: Biography of multiculturalist and early Pan-American Idol dummy and samples (full of action and adventure) -- my hope is to find a pubisher who is as fascinated as I am about the subject because he is a bit obscure

5: Parody and continuation of classic pig tale dummy -- this one has funky art which is a great part in the storytelling

6: Funny Flamingo thumbnail, text and samples -- I love the language but the story is too familiar, so I am going for a new premise all together because I love the art and language and I know I can do it in time

7: Fractured nursery rhymes with established theme -- text and art samples-- I love the art and premise and hope to pull this off

8: Text and art samples for giraffe story -- meh

9: Brewing concept book idea and art -- too early to tell

And what I really want to start is a robot story with which I have neat samples... have to look at all the robot stories and set mine apart -- starting the new draft

Gotta a nice portfolio of work both art and writing bearing a few bumps to smoothen.

New Art samples up soon! Who Said Red?

This should keep me busy for a while

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