Monday, February 1, 2010

How Holly Hobbie helps me

I love Holly Hobbie's Toot and Puddle series.

And while I clamber down and write my first draft of my new pb manuscript I stare not only at my samples for this book, but I nestle with Toot and Puddle.

Not only is Ms. Hobbie a funny and dry illustrator with a brave voice, she has a great way with language and word sounds in her sentences. Her sentences roll of the tongue. So I examine them in my own writing... my own way.

(First get your premise down to a few sentences and establish your set-up and have a few hooks. Put in a bad guy who is not so bad intentionally and make your boy mc a hero.)

Erk... Back to Holly... and what is really cool is that she is not young. But she is still going strong....

and she doesn't get talked about that much IMHO. Huh?

Love you Holly. You rock! And you delight your readers.


Gin said...

I'm with you... LOVE Holly Hobbie. Have loved her for almost 40 years. Have you got the book "The Art of Holly Hobbie"? Great stuff.

pudders said...

Yeah. I love your art too, Gin! Welcome to the pig brigade.

If pigs stayed little, and ate less, and were as fine as yours, mine and Holly's I'd toss my cats and adopt them. But sadly they grow up.

(I can even deal with the squealing... at least in short spurts) Barb