Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prepping for a dummy

Finished my first draft of a new manuscript. Cut up the text and taped it onto the outside of the plastic sleeves of the 32 page dummy binder. Wrote out brief descriptions of the art and taped them over each piece of text. Went thru my four page plus list of notes I've gathered over the last few years of prerequisites for writing, asked myself if this book will matter, does it fit the age group with everything, has it been done before??, is it marketable??, will kids love it??? and will they feel involved, and does it move me (us, we), asking myself all kinds of questions. So many things we must satisfy with so little. And do I love it... does it have real heart, humor, hope.... hooks.........

And then I must research everything visually to even think about the sketches. And sketch. This will take months. But I am vested.

And crazy in love.

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