Saturday, February 13, 2010

Done with page one

of my next picture book!

It is adventurous, it is poetic, it is first person (yay), it is a boy book (but I think girls would like it too), it has a cast of interesting characters who all contribute to the denouement, it has audience participation, it is funny and heartfelt, and it goes forward line by line (I hope). I gave it a set up, the character a concern relatable to age group and have the illustrated characters I can work with.

And it can be dummied as I see the characters and scenes. And I think it is original in concept and execution (altho I will have to check out the slew of robot books coming out and make sure). Now I have to do tons of research for the sketches but that comes after the best draft I can muster.

Which means it simply needs a middle and an end (happily I know what the end is going to be) and that the mc has to solve the problem all by himself... even though he has a little help from his friends.

And he should grow and change (this will take some work). The physical and the emotional.

I just have to finish it.

One page took me a week of tweaking.

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