Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Best Sketch yet!

Well, not necessarily but I am very pleased with the outcome.

This is a sketch I inked for an upcoming workshop taken from existing manuscript text (not my own). After the AD comments I will revise and go to town with collage, and it should take on a whole new life. The subjects are goblins, a cowboy and Halloween candy. I have a feeling the boy's arms may need more flaying, and that better sizing of the goblins on the right may be in order. We'll see if I am right. Or if it is something else entirely that I am not seeing.
(UPDATE: And, of course, none of the things I thought would need changing was touched upon. And four things (three of which are easy to fix, and one requiring an outfit rethink) were things I thought about initially but wondered if they would come up. This Art Director is awesome with insight, and catches little things that can make a big difference.) He's right.

The challenge to me here was making candy smells tangible. But I LOVE challenges. And hopefully I solved that problem. (Actually that will come in to play when I do the final... surprise...surprise). (He helped me with this one, too.)

Still want to work on the candy names. A few of them are not good enough... yet.

Anyway, it was a blast doing this, and expanding on the text. I did it over the weekend in about six hours (we ((the illustrators)) had a very short deadline... like a week). I was a bit nervous about coming up with anything decent in that amount of time... but the ink and ebony pencil fairies sighed on and kissed my forehead. Every artist needs Ink and Ebony Pencil Fairies.

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