Friday, September 12, 2008

My Dear: Your Query is your Voir Dire!

I love writing queries. Not only because I am telling what my book is about, but because I am getting to the essence of it. It is a fun challenge!!

I can tell why my first manuscripts didn't go. Because I couldn't say what they were really about. Were they about anything? What is the truth and meaning about what I have to say about my character and story?

Today, I use M.T.A's (Manhattan Transit Authority?...I think not) Handel Biography to see how he does mine is comparable... somewhat.

In his jacket copy, his first two lines sum up the man in his story.

Throughout is life, George Frideric Handel always knew what he liked. And he was never afraid to do what he liked LOOKS SO SIMPLE...DOESN'T IT?

From childhood Louis Moreau Gottschalk loved the musical sounds he heard around the world. He mixed them all together in his own musical ragbag, then took them out and shared them.

Has been changed to: Louis Moreau Gottschalk soaked up every musical sound he heard around the world. He mixed them in his own musical ragbag. Then he took them out and shared them. (Better I think...and off it goes.) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we talk a bit about the hardships along the way. And his determination.

Getting there thru trial and error

getting there.

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