Monday, September 1, 2008

An Unexpected Guest and Memories of Summer Stock

My inlaws gave us tickets to this. Unexpectedly. And the Red Barn is just the way I remember it when I was about 10. When dad brought us here for the summer while he directed summer stock. The Barn still creaks, smells musty and boasts great amateur theater. The people still creak too. Photos of actors...all around. People I remember as if were yesterday.

The thing that I love is that every show here is done very well, the speech and acoustics are clear, the artisitic direction is simple yet effective, and the actors are for the most part top notch.

I understood every Agatha Christie bit of dialogue (in quite good Anglo-parle) and was of course surprised by the Christie ending. She is famous for her endings and the way she unravels her plots and characters. And the Whodunnit always makes everyone gasp. Never who you'd expect (well, usually never except for the lady behind me's best friend.... grrrr.... who has to let everyone know how brilliant she is).

The Receiver: But something is not adding up...what did I miss? It wasn't in the middle. It was something that should have paralleled with the beginning and the end. Guess I'll have to read this. I love a good mystery and get antsy when something is not quite right (It is right, but something went over my head and I have to catch it).

The Creator: What does this have to do with illustration and writing? For me, if something is not quite right, I have to figure out why and catch it.

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