Sunday, September 28, 2008

Your mission should you choose to accept it....

is to choose from one of the four manuscipts sent and to sketch one passage from it ( you have one week).
Well, that was an easy process of elimination and I felt an immediate, direct, and personal connection to the Barrio one. And I am not Spanish in any way, nor do I speak Spanish. But I love Spanish art, music, food, people, architecture and I am all about color....and ethnicities and cultures. It has soul. I didn't even have to mull over my decision. I knew it right off the bat. It makes me smile when I read it. It is poetic.

So it is no to the punctuation ms. This manuscript is not what I do.
So it is no to the dog ms. I am not a dog person.
And it is no to bigger, faster etc. ms. I felt like I COULD illustrate this
but I WANT to illustrate the Barrio. And if you want to do something and love it, it will show in the end result. It is like those old manuscripts I wrote...some of them left not impact on me. It is the ones I think about all the time that I won't let go of. I see them. I want to illustrate them. And if you can visualize something as an artist then it is right. I believe that in my heart and soul.

This is going to be an interesting assignment. Sketches first! (No. Research first...)

Finals second. And it will be collage. It has to be collage. And it will be beautiful. And full of life and feeling and honesty.

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