Friday, November 14, 2008

Falling Asleep to the Scanning Machine

When making a dummy

the sound of the scanner

can put you to sleep

in an uncanny manner

Those 32 pages

slide through in two passes

and drop on the tray

like drippy molasses

Then before you know it

an hour has passed

and where does the time go

when things don't move fast

You're snoring along

as the dummy progresses

and you run out of toner

and you cuss what a mess this is

Another hour goes by

and the dummy is done

but you forgot a copy

of that sample...that ONE

That colorful sample

you sent to the printer

looks pretty good now

as your brain starts to splinter

But you swallow your coffee

and you belch and you yawn

you'll get this thing mailed out

if you work until dawn

Suddenly it is Saturday

Will the post office close

sooner than most days?

Better get on your toes

You kiss them goodbye

those three little bookies

and wait a few months

for those editor look sees

(and you work on something new)

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