Sunday, November 9, 2008

Great day

Great day!

Great, great day!

The critique of the assignment went well. Now I just have to adjust two of my characters poses and send samples to house #1. I know which ones to send and why. What a great learning experience and look into how the process lots of revisions. The AD is so nice and funny and thoughful. I wish I had done this years ago...but I was not ready, my work was not ready. And now it is! I'd love to work with him!

And portfolio critique with S and S AD went very well. Said my work is unique, energetic, well composed, has real young child appeal and is expressive ( a few pictures in particular) and little things to fix which are easy enough. This man put me at ease, was very warm and extremely articulate in his assessment. I'd love to work with him.  And we have a friend in common in the suit of Barkley the Dog. I could feel his love of children's literature shine thru. Me too!

Both of them.

Samples to bet your booties!

Every illustrator who wants to do kids books should do these!

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Colorado Writer said...

Wonderful news! Good luck!