Monday, November 3, 2008

Working like a dog

to get ready for the Illustrator's Day. 

The next dummy is just about done (for now) to show, time allowing. The first person, emotional, discovering life and danger and independence and bravery one. This probably has too much action one but hey...that is what it is. Words and imagery folks. Tension and rise rise rise rise of action and a fall into a satisfying finish. 

Baby it's cold outside. And dark and wet and I am afraid...............

I am psyched... 

and nervous. 

Actually, it really is dark outside. It is too early for this. But Belgium and England were worse.

What was I talking about. Oh, I know my final is one of my best pieces and I truly loved working on it and think I solved the problems with great thought and vision (I hope) and artistry. This piece is me.

And I hope I've chosen my best (which is a relative word) 15 pieces that reflect my vision as an illustrator (This is HARD) and I take it seriously (perhaps too much at times). There may be two or three me zzz.

So we trudge forth.

Because we have this love. How many things in life give you this feeling?

Oh my God I have to VOTE tomorrow.  BLECH.

Well,there you go. How many things in life give you that feeling? Most.

Oh, and  Emily's birthday is I have to go shopping with her. 
(They NEVER have chairs for patient parents. But they have that tee shirt.)

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