Thursday, March 19, 2009

Waiting, waiting, hard.

I am starting to get restless on the waits.

I need to start a new project and revise two manuscripts. But they are not inspiring me at the moment. I think the key is to just tackle the suggestions offered by the editor and agent and group critique from last conference. Just sit down and do it.

One of the mss sparks me a little: but I have come to the realization I am better with people as subjects and not animals (the writing part). I think that is because I like an humorous, honest and true sentiment....not so much quirky. 

And it seems that there are a ton of quirky animal characters out there and way fewer children as characters with real emotions and inventive plot lines. 

Sit down and look at the revision suggestions, you... and dummy. The proof is in the dummy. 

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