Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's in a name?

I never knew until today that Ludwig Bemelmans based his Madeline books on his daughter so aptly and appropriately named Barbara ( I LOVE LUDWIG). He was of Belgian and German descent (I LOVE LUDWIG). He was forced to move to America because he shot a waiter and thus would be put in an institution for the artistically brilliant yet misunderstood mind (I LOVE LUDWIG). And then he became an illustrator for the New Yorker, etc.  (You are ours now wmahahaha... I LOVE LUDWIG). 

And Viking turned down the initial book but Simon and Schuster saw genius.

He never considered himself a writer (mheeuuh) but more an illustrator (huueehm). Poo poo.

Someday in my next life we will meet and discuss his brilliance.

Now to read the real biography of a great children's book creator.

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