Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art Nest or "Birdie out of Control"

My HAWT NEST is a mess.

You know that you've been working hard when your work space encroaches all around you and you can't get up without stepping on what might be a valuable piece of paper. Or an exacto-knife or a French Curve or a wooden posable figure with sharp appendages.

My work space is small. The ceilings are cracked, sloped to roof-line and in need of a fresh coat of paint. Cept there is so much taped to the walls that you don't even notice.

I love my little haven. Because it is mine. My messy space. It holds my ideas and blood sweat and tears (anyone for Lucretia McEvil?). It is pure heaven.

Someday I am going to paint it and fix the cracks. But it won't be with house paint. Actually, forget the paint. I might collage the whole thing. Yes, I'll turn on the air-conditioner and collage that HAWT NEST.

But first I must flawk around and clean it up so I can work on new stuff. 

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