Saturday, August 29, 2009

Can you do five things at once? Or how to get around a tunnel.

You multitasker you!

Reading various opines on writing series and sequels today, and coincidently I am writing a continued pb story based on a character book I am subbing.

Husband asks crazy woman? You haven't sold the first yet (errr...grrr...I haven't subbed it too much either...just a little)

No, I am not a Neanderthal. I have an idea. I like it and I want to work on it. And then maybe another one. Maybe I am crazy. Maybe no one will buy the first. But I wouldn't write it if I didn't feel another story growing from the first. I am keeping common elements and shifting others. And reading PB series books that work and trying to figure out why.

And doing a few dummies of other stories, and illustrations, and writing others.

Call me crazy. Call me nuts. But I wouldn't be doing this at all if I were totally sane. Passion and a bit of crazy (no, gumption!) make a happy writer/illusrator.

Plus, I like to work on different things at once or else I get tunnel vision. Never liked going through tunnels.

And to continue. Don't listen too much to others. Just enough to what you need. Trust yourself cuz you got nobody else.

Right now listening to River Dance and it is forever music to my ears.

Write/make art and love with your heart.

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