Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I want all of my characters to have real guts.

Maybe because I don't. I am too emotional. But I can give them what I have always wanted in myself.

So all of my characters will be heroes.

I finished a second page of my continued pb doll Christmas story. I thought it would be easy in that I could just fill a template using the first, but no that is not true. 

These books look simple but there is so much going on not only in the plotting but the art. This is not a language driven story probably because it is first person. But the language is snappy and brisk and lyrical.

Now figuring how the individual dolls work in this one, the important doll and how to bring the spirit of Xmas thru. A challenge but a fun one.

I love writing and plotting and structure of such more than ever.  But my characters must be just as important.

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