Saturday, March 20, 2010

Can you tell me how to get... how to get to

Just about had a car crash today. Maybe it is because it is such a sunny day outside this last day of Whimper.

Or is it that whilst driving I lose myself in NJ's great jazz station 'WGBO" I am hearing hints of the music theme of Sesame Street. Wait a minute... I know what Sesame Street is and I am not going there. (We don't have one but we need one.) I think I even know what TV Broadcaster this is on. It is in a land called PBS. But heck. I am not on PBS. I am on Grove Street ( where is Grover?) I am in Montclair doing mindless yet meaningful errands.

Where the heck am I now?

This cool rendition of Sesame Street is telling how to get there. What a cool rendition of Sesame Street... these WGBO jazz musicians have found it... wow!

WGBO is great but I 'WIll Go Back Over' my directions. There is no Sesame Street here... in Montclair...

not yet.

But there should be. That would be such a sunny day!

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