Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Ezra Jack Keats!

Born today March 11, 1916

One of my favorite artists who made art from his heart. An artist who broke the mold with Peter, a boy protaganist of color. An artist who created intimate, private and large worlds for his characters to inhabit and explore. Simple, meaningful, right-there worlds for them.

Keats is one of my largest inspirations as an artist. And specifically as a collagist. I remember hearing and seeing his books as a child. Like it was yesterday. Melting in his snowy world.

He was so great at creating a tone and a mood with his work. A serene and fun snowy day. He captured how the youngest child experiences that cold, powdery, magical stuff.

But, hey. Honestly right now I am so glad winter is almost over.

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