Sunday, July 25, 2010

Plotting, framing and studying favorites

Blimey it is hot. Thank goodness for a few air-conditioned rooms.

My studio has AC so lately I am up there a lot. Comfort breeds productivity. Thick air breeds thick thinking and naps.

Today I framed six pieces (frameless glass as I have at least forty I need to do for the exhibit... can't go broke in the process.. they look great thanks to creative paper working on my part). Now to think about writing bits.

But I had a bit of a breakthrough on my nursery rhyme heavily-reliant-on-illustrations-to-text project. I reviewed Each Peach Pear Plum and The Jolly Postman (fantastic books) and others to give me a visual beginning and end, to tie up the sequence. (Another kind of framing perhaps?) Plus I love me my cast full of characters. Yes, in picture books. Always have. They need not be described. But they are referred to and do things I notice and go back to over and over again.)

This project is turning out to be more than I had planned but WTH... I intend to make it work... words and art. Why not. It may take a while but I think it will turn out well.. with patience.

Gettin' stuff done..........................

I got it down... all my characters and their worlds, and how the whole thing works!

Update as of early August: FINISHED first draft of 14 fractured and themed rhymes, got some illos done. FIgured out the approach, the introduction and the end. Got the characters and scenes... now to dummy! (This project has been simmering for over two years.)

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