Sunday, July 18, 2010

My World and Welcome to It

Remember that show with William Windom... the cartoonist (he really is NOT a cartoonist... he is an actor.) EDIT: Based on Thurber. Good ole "One-eyed Thurber".

And his daughter with the braids... what's her name?

no. Me neither. EDIT: Her name was Lisa Gerritson and she was a pistol!

Well. You (we) are (were) too young... or just lost that segment of our over crowded-minds. Ahem. That was a great show. Windom's cartoons kinda morphed into live action. Dry and funny and... wise.

The show never took off but it did maintain a viable presence thanks to side-by-side air-time (by Sondheim) no by Bewitched... I mean Bewitched (great show... Darrin... Tabitha... Sabrina...) campy like most shows of its day but fun nonetheless...EDIT: That show won two Emmys. (Oops.I wrote too soon!) So it DID take off.

I digress...

I LOVE making worlds in my art and I think it one of my strong points. My World and Welcome to It. You got me.

And I proudly jest that I am completing (illustrating and writing) two more worlds for my In-Progress picture book, and it is so much fun and working well. Check off a summer project.

Caveat: Never post until you've got the answers. Smirk.

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