Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My own show -- the real deal.

Yesterday I met with my friend at the space I will be displaying my children's art. It is in a beautiful, old house that belongs to a beautiful iris garden famous nationally and internationally. This particular room is reserved for artists' shows.

We discussed everything from framing and hanging work, which pieces to show (altho I can do whatever I want and how many I want which could be 50 or so or more if I get ambitious), press releases, selling giclees, the opening, to do's, a workshop, what I am doing now, advertising and publicity, postcards, who to invite etc.. My art will be on display for two months.

But I feel like the best thing is that she "Read" my work and picked up the right details and visual clues and responded well to it.
Like me, she goes for intricacy in her own work and she doesn't miss anything when she looks at others' work. You mean you use tweezers too?

She also asked to see little bits of writing to go with the pieces I display. And perhaps some questions to pose for children and adults alike.

I didn't realize how much work I have to do in preparation and two months is going to fly by. Best get busy, and out and about.

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