Saturday, June 19, 2010

When it is not a story, it is a different animal.

I've been working on and off on fractured rhymes for a few years and now am tackling some art work for them. Wow, is it a different ball game? First of all there is no beginning, middle nor end. There is no conflict. There is no problem or issue attached to the mc. There is no mc. There is no arc or pacing. There is no plot.. not really anyway. There is no one story.

But there will be several individual ones.

What there is: Funny and intriguing art and words and a theme to the whole body of work. Funny, huh? Well, I think so, anyway. And 2 points of audience participation.

Is it harder or easier? Yes.

Why am I doing this? Because a famous illustrator I had a critique with told me to. He "gasped... in a good sort of gaspy The Great Gaspy ( but he didn't croak or anything like that) over a picture of mine and asked if I wrote, as well.

"Um... yes."

"Well, you have to write for this."

So for a few years I have been staring at that piece, and I think I might have something going on. You stare at if forever until it comes together. There is a concept in there. And that is what floats my boat... the whole concept.

But time will tell. If I can muster up two or three illustrations that are unified by kid-friendly theme, style, voice and composition then I can hope that someone will like it.

I've done my market research... and it is not "Truckery Rhymes" which I adore. It is my rhymes. Smile.

It is very freeing to divert from what I usually do... but it still is challenge.

I am a slow writer... but there is reason for that. I think out everything holistically. The whole thing... warts and all.

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