Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer projects

It is getting too hot too early in my humble opinion. But when the temperature goes up so does my creative thermometer.

So here are my lofty goals for the summer:

1) DONE Have Bill put the AC in my studio window which means me moving things out of the way. Fun... not. Because it is the hottest room in the house, and without the AC I can't stand to even move... in there. Do it this weekend because... I need to....

2) Start my Halloween/Pumpkin art for my fall postcard. And for my fall show. Preferably three illustrations. Pick the most postcardy for the postcard...eee.

3) Start a dummy -- will do Fractured/Themed Nursery Rhymes -- In Progress as of mid-August -- try to finish by the fall

4) DONEFinish the last few fractured and themed Nursery Rhymes, and maybe do one or two more illos to go with the one I've done. Can't wait.... love this project... it is so much fun.

5) Send art samples to a few publishers.

6) DONE Visit "The Curious Garden" in New York. Because that is what I shall call it from now on, and oh, how I want to experience it. Must go there soon! Thank you Peter Brown!! Love that book.

7) DONE Send out 3 pb/dummy queries on one same ms to those who ask for just that.

8) Revisit Robot book dummy -- this has taken a big turn and has book a poetic "Word" book

9) Work on other doll drafts

10) DONE tighten up pig dummy

11) Revisit gargoyle dummy

12) admire and reflect on biography

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