Thursday, June 3, 2010

Picked up off the floor or "Would You Like to Have an Art Show?"

Just when you are feeling down you get "Upped". (No... not by watching that wonderful film.)

Because after all this time and work someone wants to have you exhibit your work and conduct a class about it.

Yes... really.

A former copywriter colleague (from my advertising years in New York) ran into me a few days ago. She is now a fine arts photographer and MEWsie with connections. She LOVES my children's book art and asked if I wanted to present it in an art show and to conduct a class.

Ummm. YES!! Yes. Yes. Yes.

Would I ever.


Now which pieces to pick.

(I'm "Up.". And I love that movie. too.)


Ruth Donnelly said...

How exciting--congrats!

pudders said...

I am so happy. I've been working towards this, and my picture books for years.

It is going to be a lot of work.

But hard work and thought and heart, and lots of time and effort make the best and most rewarding things in life come to fruition.

Thank you.