Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Favorite Illustrators

Petra Mathers: Playful, colorful, vivacious and has a real child like sensibility and very imaginative and interesting content

Peter Sis: his imagination and style are the most unique (is there such a thing...yes, in this case)

Chris vA: magic

David McKee: extended elephant phase but what he is in his element

Gris Grimly: Line and ink master of monster

David Shannon: Far out and not afraid

Colin Thompson: Fantasy fan to see...see it!

Maurice Sendak: Sensitivity

Alan (Allen) Say: realism that makes you collapse with awe

Steig: Primitive grit

Jenkins: COLLAGE....yes....even though his is realistic (her her)...JK

Judy Schachner: Because she writes as well as she illustrates and in total SYNC with it

David Macaulay: thinker inking

Martin Hanford: Anyone who can illustrate five million people...that is LOVE

Harry Bliss: He can really expand on the text. Seems to jive with the words.

David Wiesner: Although I am not a real fan of wordless pbs...his are works of art. I do prefer his worded ones, though. His work is ethereal and makes the world endless.

David Small: Funny, clever, also expands well on the text

Holly Keller: Sensitivity to her subject matter both text and art

and why do I love them so much (well, much of it is subjective...I could say I love the ones that are very popular...but I don't). Because they are distinctive, artistic, appeal to kids ( and adult kids), prolific and have their own VOICE . They have something strong that sets them apart from functional art.

And I am just spinning my F**king wheels. But if I didn't have these role models, I'd have plenty of nuthin. 

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