Sunday, March 9, 2008

next subject aka victim.

Getting ahead of myself, as usual with great expectations, as usual.

My portfolio of projects thus far:

Flamingo story (must need a plot or premise change, I am sure) but this could be a real visual dream of a story

Pig story (must need a plot change, I am sure) Another visual story

Gargoyle story (in perpetual progress and the one I am really focussing on, at the moment... has so many possibilities but the ending might need a transformation...doesn't seem too hard at this point). yeah right.

Doll Saver story (satisfied)

Alligator story (in perpetual progress..probably a simple fix that I can't realize)

Composer Biography (in perpetual progress...this one will really work with the pictures) but that is going to have to wait.

Gaudi story (beginnings... after many drafts)

And my next victim (ha ha) is going to be a little boy tiger (i have one too Disneyesque a sample that can be morphed into a another less Disneyesque rendition I have done in basic). What is your story.......shit, I don't know...yet.....

And the pb prince pb is not yet realized nor the three flying mice but perhaps down the cloud....

so Barbara's mind continues to whirl forth into illustration madness...

how could i forget the wallabe story...because i did that one sans art which i never do

and the girl and giraffes which keeps changing...and i'm rambling....good grief...i need to get more sleep

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