Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Biting Pear of Salamanca by Ursula Vernon

I usually don't like anthropomorphic food... but sometimes I eat it. (I also love and collect pear paraphernalia.) Sold right there... like I am so there. And I need this today while I work... for inspiration.

(Could this be in a picture book, perhaps?, that pear is scary)

But there is something funny about this without being campy and cheesy (I could use a pear salad right now)... to me anyway. Maybe the lack of a complete face on the pear's part, and the traditional styled little rodent with his daguerreotyper alongside this five-foot tall, food-engineered poire.

Should that chipmunk be afeared?

"If you bite me, there will be no more portrait du poire, today."

(But you can't see anyway, pear... so your mouth would be chasing only air.)

Thank you, and courtesy of 'Art of the Day' on my homepage... one of my favorite things to wake up to.

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