Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Accomplishments

It has been a LONG summer... I think the extreme heat and mugginess have not helped. Not the best summer for fun and travel but the best for getting things done... book, art and family related.

1. Got daughter moved into college apartment. Not an easy feat as hers is a four floor walk up (No elevator, she's top floor and it was the hottest day of the year... and her apt. is unfurnished) We put the bed together which took hours... and the desk and...
How do parents do this with multiple kids?

Said goodbye without tears. Just blood and sweat.

2. Framed over forty pieces of art (not really framed... but glassed) and they look grrrrreat. Can't wait to hang them.

3. Got a date for my opening.

4. My latest dummy is in progress. This one is a blast and is working itself out well. Is interesting b/c I have to do the middle first to get all the characters set before I can put them in the opening page (Kind of like a play) Their physical appearance has to be established first. DId I mention how much I love structuring? I think it has become my new favorite thing (next to world building.)

And I can tinker with the nursery rhymes once I have the art going. They really work hand-in-hand.

I love this project... took me long enough to get it all set in my head... and on paper. It has lots of hooks, and I hope kids will find it extremely entertaining and engaging. As I write I have to be that kid who has to be entertained both visually and with sound of words. And out of all the dummies I have made, this one and three others make me the proudest.

5. I've got some new art samples. Yay... don't have a new postcard image though. I may go with an existing image I love.

6. I wrote up a press release. I should call it "I HATE TALKING ABOUT MYSELF". I know I've said that before. But my friend is helping me through it. And it will go out soon.

7. I sent out a few queries and have heard nada. What does that mean? It is a puzzlement.

(Anyway, it is supposed to be a beautiful Labor Day weekend... and I reckon I will be working on my dummy for part of it.)


Rena said...

Wow! You've been busy!

pudders said...

Thanks. I like to be busy... unless I am in France.