Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NJ SCBWI Illustrator Day

On Sunday, November 14, the NJ SCBWI will hold another Illustrator Day at the Princeton Hyatt. Two Art Directors will be on the faculty: Laurent Linn of Simon and Schuster, and Marijka Kostiw of Arthur Levine/Scholastic Press/ Orchard Press.

The illustrator is emailed various passages of PB text and chooses one to illustrate. The illustrator gives specs to the art director and submits a preliminary sketch to him/her by a predetermined deadline. The AD sends back comments. Then the illustrator goes to work and completes a final from that sketch with the AD's comments.

On illustrator day, the art directors give group critiques of all the artists' finals. (Two separate groups.)

The other art director gives the artist a portfolio review.

Basically the illustrators are divided into two groups and spend half of their 'time' with one and then the other. Plus they get a yummy lunch with one or the other.

What I love in addition to this is seeing how everyone interprets the text differently and how they work. And everyone always has something (no matter how little) that can be improved.

Saving my pennies and dimes and using this as a kick in the bottom to finish my dummy and more samples.

Can't wait!!

This is one of the best things offered from SCBWI to illustrators... IMHO.

If anyone has any questions or would like more info please email me.... soon! It fills up fast.

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